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Welcome to the Summer Breeze Event!

Welcome to the past Summer Breeze Event! Hosted on the rooftop terrace of Taylor Wessing, with a captivating view of hamburg’s dynamic HafenCity, the event delivered an unforgettable evening marked by stunning vistas and revitalizing drinks. Attendees relished networking amidst the city’s sunset glow, while the gentle breezes and harbor sounds added to the ambiance. The event masterfully combined connections, relaxation, and inspiration, leaving indelible memories for all who were present.


- and don´t miss an event


Get ready for an unforgettable experience at Meet&Eat Summer Breeze!
You can expect a perfect blend of summer drinks, breathtaking views, captivating music, and an engaging panel discussion.


Panel discussion

There is an exciting panel discussion on "Resilience & Business Model Pivot" in the afternoon at the Körber Stiftung building, right next to the event location..

Live music

Our DJ "VAN HOUZE" will ensure that the atmosphere heats up with trendy beats and captivating music.


On the rooftop terrace, you can expect a breathtaking view that will captivate you. Enjoy the panoramic sight of the harbor, the shimmering waterways, and the impressive city skyline. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of this unique backdrop and savor the summer to the fullest.

Taylor Wessing rooftop
Address: Am Sandtorkai 41, Hamburg
Start: 18:00 am 29. June 2023


Indulge in our drink of the evening
- the Aperol Spritz.
The vibrant orange color of the Aperol Spritz exudes a summer and vacation vibe, perfectly complementing the relaxed atmosphere of our event. The first sip will transport you to a world of enjoyment, helping you forget the stresses of everyday life. So let yourself be enchanted by the sparkling lightness of the Aperol Spritz. Raise your glass, toast to summer, and savor this refreshing cocktail at Meet&Eat Summer Breeze.


Experience the perfect combination of amazing sponsors, unforgettable atmosphere, and a touch of summer magic at the Meet&Eat Summer Breeze Event.

In cooperation

We are proud to introduce BARMER as our main sponsor for the event.

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We offer you the opportunity to participate in an exciting panel discussion on the topic of "Resilience & Business Model Pivot". Here, you have the chance to gain valuable insights and inspiration from industry experts and successful individuals from various fields. Engage in discussions on current topics, ask questions, and expand your knowledge in a dynamic and interactive environment.


The panel discussion takes place at the Körber Stiftung building, which is in close proximity to the rooftop terrace of the Meet&Eat Summer Breeze event. Please note that we have a limited amount of places for the panel, inquire during the booking process if you want to participate. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the networking experience on the rooftop terrace.

Körber Stiftung
Address: Kehrwieder 12, Hamburg
Start: 16:30 Uhr am 29. June 2023

Our topics

Strengthening startups: resilient business models and successful fundraising strategies Gain valuable insights, network with experts and enhance your startup's chances of long-term success in today's dynamic business landscape.


In the past few months, venture capital investment has more than halved, while interest rates have risen rapidly. The high-profile panel „Financing in 2023“ sheds light on this more challenging environment and demonstrates how startups can still be successfully funded. Our experts present their insights on the latest developments and trends. Various financing options, including venture capital, debt financing, and grants, are extensively discussed. This panel offers a unique opportunity to firsthand learn about the current possibilities, how to position oneself successfully and finance one’s startup.


The panel „Resilience in Business Models“ focuses on the topic of how startups can adapt their business models to become more resilient and ensure sustainable financial development. In recent years, it was common to finance any kind of cash burn as long as it led to growth. However, those times are gone. Nowadays, startups face the challenge of finding alternative strategies to achieve growth without relying on unaffordable cash burns. The panel discusses potential strategies and highlights the difficult steps that are necessary to emerge stronger from this demanding phase.

Thema: Fundraising
Geschäftsführer der
IFB Innovationsstarter GmbH
Dr. Heiko Milde
Daniel Groezinger
Thema: Resilience
Partner und Geschäftsführer
von Parklane Capital
Daniel Groezinger
Maximilian Wagner
Thema: Fundraising
Partner Manager
von Creditshelf
Maximilian Wagner
Maximilian Wagner
Thema: Resilience
General Legal Councel von Cavalry
und Business Angel
Eva-Julia Stark


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