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Elevating networking: Meet & Eat at the Nordic Startup Challenge. On September 12, 2023, Meet & Eat, in collaboration with the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, hosted a unique networking event as part of the Nordic Startup Challenge. We provided an inspiring platform for entrepreneurs from ten nordic countries to exchange ideas and forge forward-thinking collaborations. Explore the highlights of this unforgettable event and stay tuned for upcoming innovations.


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In the past, we had the privilege of hosting the "Nordic Startup Challenge" at the prestigious location of the Chamber of Commerc Hamburg. Guests indulged in delightful culinary delights while ten innovative startups from the nordic countries presented their groundbreaking pitches. It was an event filled with inspiration and innovation.


Startup pitch & award ceremony

Our event featured a thrilling showcase of innovation through startup pitches, where these visionary companies presented their groundbreaking ideas to a captivated audience. Discover the remarkable startups that took the spotlight.


Our event took place in the unique location of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce - in the heart of the city, built in 1841 as a rear extension of the town hall in a classical style. A historical and charming setting for our inspiring networking event.

Chamber of Commerce Hamburg
Address: Adolphspl. 1, Hamburg
Start Pitch: 17:30
Start Party: 19:00


We treated our guests with a culinary experience like no other at our recent events! Our event was a feast for the senses! With Aveato's culinary creations that tantalized taste buds and left cravings satisfied. From savory bites to irresistible treats, there was something to please each guest. As they savored these delectable offerings, they also soaked in the vibrant event atmosphere, where networking, innovation and gastronomic delight seamlessly came together for an unforgettable experience.


AI matching

At our event, we introduced a cutting-edge networking experience through AI-powered matching games. Our guests were dynamically grouped using AI algorithms, creating diverse teams that had the chance to connect and discover shared interests and ideas. It was a remarkable way to foster spontaneous interactions and facilitate meaningful connections among our attendees.


community NFT

We were thrilled to launch an exclusive non-fungible token (NFT) to the participants of the Meet & Eat event. Rethinking the applications of Blockchain technology in the B2B context, we offer a community token to our participants. In collaboration with Chainstep and the University of Hamburg, we extend our physical community event to the digital realm and support community engagement. Each NFT serves as digital passport to our startup events and is a unique symbol of participation and contribution within our vibrant community.



Curious to see the vibrant moments and highlights from our past events? Step into our event gallery, where memories come to life through captivating photos and snapshots. Dive into the atmosphere, relive the excitement, and get a taste of the extraordinary experiences we've shared.


Experience an exceptional blend of remarkable sponsors, an unforgettable atmosphere and the essence of the nordic spirit at the Meet&Eat Nordic Startup Challenge.

In cooperation

Proudly presenting Barmer as the main sponsor of our event! A renowned health insurance provider in Germany, Barmer's dedication to innovation and well-being perfectly resonates with our event's ethos of networking and advancement.



The Nordic Startup Challenge was an exciting three-day event organized by the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg, bringing together ten promising startups from ten nordic countries to the vibrant city of Hamburg.
@ Foto: Kati Jurischka

Nordic Startup Challenge

The event spanned three dynamic days filled with immersive experiences, including workshops, seminars, and engaging networking sessions. Industry experts and mentors played a pivotal role by imparting valuable insights and guidance, empowering startups to refine their business models and strategies. The apex of our event occurred on tuesday evening, where ten remarkable startups captivated this audience with compelling pitches, showcasing their innovative ideas and projects. An esteemed panel of judges, comprised of industry leaders and investors, evaluated the presentations, ultimately determining the winners of the competition. The prize award ceremony was a momentous occasion, recognizing and celebrating the outstanding achievements of these startups, providing them with valuable exposure and recognition.

Nordic Startup Challenge Winner: Cetasol from Sweden, Founded by Ethan Faghani
At the Nordic Startup Challenge, Cetasol, founded by Ethan Faghani, emerged as the winner. Their solutions are tailored for the marine industry, promoting sustainability, regulatory compliance, and enhanced operational control. Cetasol’s innovation merges technology with industry insight, promising a more sustainable and efficient future for maritime practices.

Pitches and Prizes: Memorable Moments

Meet our esteemed jury

Discover the accomplished members of our jury, a team of seasoned professionals ready to assess and recognize the most promising ideas from aspiring entrepreneurs.
From left to Right: Axel Hoops (Chamber of Commerce Hamburg), Thanh Hai Nguyen (Jungheinrich AG), Sebastian Schulz (Hanse Ventures), Timo Linnemann (Plug and Play), Martin Neuendorf (HHLA next), Ricarda Rattay (Hamburg Invest), Stefanie Teichmann (Hamburg Port Authority), Tim Reinsch (TecPier), Isabelle Rickmers (Turtle GmbH), Frederik Wexel (MSC Germany S.A. & o. KG), Foto: Kati Jurischka


Our commitment to innovation goes beyond the physical realm and that's why we've ventured into the exciting world of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). These digital assets represent exclusive, one-of-a-kind collectibles that commemorate your participation in our events. Through our collaboration with Chainstep and the University of Hamburg, we've crafted these unique tokens to encapsulate the essence of our gatherings. Beyond authentication, our vision is to create a central digital touchpoint in the ecosystem which enables self-expression and recognition in the ecosystem, secured by blockchain technology Each NFT is a piece of history, securely stored on the blockchain, ensuring its authenticity and uniqueness. NFT holders gain exclusive access to curated content and smart tools to facilitate matchmaking and connecting with other members, enriching their journey within our vibrant community. Stay tuned for more details on how to acquire these digital keepsakes and become a part of this groundbreaking digital trend.

Building Digital Professional Networks with Blockchain Technology

Through our collaboration with Chainstep and the University of Hamburg, we’ve crafted these unique tokens to encapsulate the essence of our gatherings. Owning one of these NFTs is not just a digital possession; it’s a testament to your presence and influence within our startup community. Each NFT is a piece of history, securely stored on the blockchain, ensuring its authenticity and uniqueness. Stay tuned for more details on how to acquire these digital keepsakes and become a part of this groundbreaking digital trend.

Building Digital Professional Networks with Blockchain Technology

We’ve extended a special invitation to the founders of the BMWK-founded EXIST program to join our event. By bringing together visionaries who have initiated groundbreaking ideas through research and the academic institutions that support knowledge-based ventures with the meet and eat community, we aim to catalyze innovation and drive the development of startups. Our aim is to intensify the exchange between academia, represented by research institutions, the entrepreneurs in the BMWK EXIST program, and the Meet & Eat community. Beyond networking, this partnership opens doors to essential resources, including funding opportunities, to fuel these ventures growth.


At our event, we believe in making networking not only productive but also fun. We introduced two interactive games to break the ice and foster meaningful connections among our attendees.
@ Foto: Kati Jurischka, Grafik: Freepik

Revolutionizing Networking with Innovative Games

Game 1: Intention-Based Stickers
Ever found it challenging to initiate conversations at events? We’ve got you covered. Participants were equipped with lanyards featuring intention-based stickers. These stickers, with options like ‚Investment wanted‘ or ‚Searching for Investment opportunities,‘ allowed attendees to express their networking goals. Spot someone with a matching sticker, strike up a conversation, and watch connections form effortlessly.

Game 2: AI-Powered Animal Groups
Harnessing the power of AI and data-driven insights, we took networking to a whole new level. During registration, we gathered information about our attendees‘ interests, backgrounds, and professional areas. Our AI then formed groups of like-minded individuals, representing them as animals. These group identifiers were discreetly placed on the back of lanyards. Attendees could spot fellow ‚animals‘ at designated tables, making mingling with those who shared their interests and expertise a breeze.

Both of these innovative games aimed to simplify networking, encourage meaningful interactions and facilitate valuable connections among our diverse group of attendees. After all, we believe that networking should be as enjoyable as it is productive!

Pitches and Prizes: Memorable Moments