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Welcome to the Matchmaking & Milestones Networking Event!

On 15.02, at the vibrant Hamburger Ding, our „Matchmaking and Milestones“ event unfolded – a lively gathering, radiating positive vibes and offering optimal conditions for networking, encounters, and idea exchange within the InnoEcosystem.

With 300 guests, 5 organizers, fantastic partners, and a shared mission, it was an event where connections were made, ideas were shared, and the festive atmosphere was embraced. Everyone seized the chance to create opportunities, build valuable contacts, and look forward to a fantastic year ahead.

Carlo Ulbrich from Nect GmbH and Hansjörg Schmidt, a member of the Hamburg Parliament and entrepreneur, kickstarted the event with inspiring words.

This unique gathering brought together brilliant minds from innovation, investment, and business, aligning with promising startups – a testament to collaborative efforts for Hamburg’s InnoEcosystem.


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Discover the amazing partners and sponsors who supported us at the Meet&Eat event in February 2024.

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BARMER supported our event on the 15th of February.
The health insurance company is engaged to improve the employees health at work.

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