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At Meet&Eat, we regularly organize inspiring and unique events that combine networking, exchange, and enjoyment. Dive in and discover our latest events that we have hosted with great enthusiasm and passion. We would like to extend our thanks to all participants, exhibitors, and partners who contributed to these successful events. Our gatherings are a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, establish new connections, and draw inspiration.
26.04.2024 -

Networking Night by Meet&Eat – ChefTreff 2024

Meet&Eat hosted the Networking Night at ChefTreff Summit 2024, marking a milestone as Hamburg’s largest event yet, shining a beacon for the city’s future.
15.02.2024 -

Matchmaking & Milestones

This time, the focus was on Matchmaking & Milestones. The kickoff event for Hamburg innoecosystem 2024.
22.12.2023 -

Mistletoe & Milestones

What a magical evening of collective collaboration! Yesterday, the highly anticipated event „Mistletoe & Milestones“ unfolded outside the gates of the impressive Elbphilharmonie.
12.09.2023 -

Nordic Startup Challenge

At the ‚Nordic Startup Challenge‘ held at Chamber of Commerce Hamburg, we delved into startups and innovation, foster-ing connections and sparking inspiration.
29.06.2023 -

Summer Breeze

„Summer Breeze“ combined relaxation, engaging conversations, and refreshments, creating valuable connections among participants.
28.02.2023 -

Healthy at Work

This time, the focus was on workplace health. We presented practical tips and solutions for creating a healthier work environment.
13.12.2022 -

Christmas Edition

Our Christmas market offered participants the chance to network and expand their connections in a festive atmosphere.
26.10.2022 -

Next gen connect for impact

The Next Gen Connect for Impact in October 2022 was a groundbreaking event that promoted networking and exchange for positive changes.
07.09.2022 -

After Work BBQ

Our BBQ event in 2022 was all about making valuable connections in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying delicious food and drinks.


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